7 Reasons to Install Steel Mezzanines

12. 13, 2021

If you run a warehouse, you probably already know how quickly space can be utilized, especially if you don't have enough room to work with. In general, installing a mezzanine in your warehouse can improve the overall success of your warehouse operation.

A mezzanine is a raised platform between the ceiling and floor of a warehouse. In addition to storage, mezzanines can be used for a variety of purposes. If you need additional office space or additional work or manufacturing areas, you may want to consider mezzanines.

How to Use Mezzanines

One of the most common uses for mezzanine floors in this month's Build a Panel project is for additional storage, which can be accomplished by using a combination of long spans and short shelves above and below the warehouse floor. They can also be used in office spaces or work areas and can be located at the top or bottom. Depending on the use, different flooring options can be used to secure the mezzanine. Welfare facilities such as toilets and restrooms are also ideal for this purpose.

Mezzanines can be used in a retail environment to add storage or sales space. However, the retail industry has strict regulations for these types of flooring. Floors must be fire resistant, stairs must be accessible to the public, especially in an emergency, and handrails need to be suitable for people to use.

7 Reasons to Install Steel Mezzanines

Benefits of Mezzanine


Adding a mezzanine can double your footprint in a matter of weeks and save you thousands of dollars in expansion or warehouse relocation costs.

Installation and relocation

Like many other custom solutions, modular mezzanines can be easily installed in just a few days. They can also be dismantled and moved to other locations, as they are primarily used for temporary structures.

Increased efficiency

No one should have to walk through a crowded warehouse around equipment or boxes. It disrupts workflow, impacts productivity, and wastes a lot of valuable time. Mezzanines make better use of the working space in a warehouse facility.


Mezzanines are not permanent structures. They can be used for a variety of applications and can be easily moved or taken down when needed. You may decide to use them for storage temporarily and then decide to use them for additional office space.

Enhanced safety

Crowded work areas can be very dangerous. Workers should be able to move freely throughout the distribution center or warehouse without getting hurt. Mezzanines can be used to store anything that obstructs floor space, including equipment or inventory.

Depreciable assets

Mezzanines are not a permanent solution for facilities. Instead, they are considered "capital equipment," meaning that any costs incurred can be depreciated for up to seven years.

Lock and key storage

You can install a wire cage below the deck to securely store valuables.

Need help deciding if a mezzanine can improve your warehouse space? Browse the MAXRAC website to learn more about our mezzanines, or contact us today for a design consultation.

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