A Guide to the Features of Rivet Racking

11. 01, 2021

Rivet storage systems are different from shelving because they are typically used for smaller and non-palletized items that can be accessed by hand rather than by machine. If you are still looking for the right storage unit for your facility, rivet shelving is a good choice.



Rivet shelving is one of the most versatile forms of industrial shelving. With a capacity of up to 1,400 pounds per shelf, it rivals the load capacity of heavy-duty large-span or pallet racking, but is designed for carton and box storage. Thanks to its teardrop and pin connectors, it can be assembled quickly and is extremely sturdy whether using a single or double riveted design. The shelves are made of solid steel, boltless and adjustable, giving you the flexibility to store a wide range of product sizes. Depending on your inventory, different shelving and crossbar options are also available.



The main thing you should know before ordering riveted shelving is the size of the products that will be stored on it. While this system is easily customizable and the shelves are able to move to accommodate changing inventory, there are many different sizes and parts to choose from. Make sure you have a good idea of the items you will be storing, as each unit has different rivet capacities and shelf sizes. There are add-ons available to make your system larger, but wider units should have a center support for shoring. Rivet shelving is very easy to install and does not require many tools.

 Steel Rivet Shelving

Large shelving capacity

The load carrying capacity of riveted shelving is very important due to the strength of the connection between the posts and shelf beams and the resulting stability. While wider shelves reduce capacity, smaller spacing between center supports and more shelves with beams can increase capacity, providing you with many options for spacing shelves and optimizing items stored on them.

One of the more innovative uses of riveted shelving is to make it a mezzanine structure. It can be mounted on top of a structural platform or used as a structure for mezzanine items. Because of its inherent versatility, rivet shelving can be cut to the exact height and installed as a support structure to meet any need. This allows you to build a simple square of almost any size with shelves running the entire height. This is often done in auto dealership parts rooms, warehouses, manufacturing work cell areas, and of course distribution operations.



All in all, riveted shelving is a very robust and sturdy option for non-palletized, manually loaded inventory storage systems. If you need to store items that are typically touched by hand but are large or bulky, riveting would be a good choice. Please contact us for more information on rivet shelving and other storage options .

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