A Wonderful Traveling of Maxrac Team in Thailand

06. 12, 2019

With coming of 15th anniversary, Maxrac oversea department had a fantastic journey in Chiang Mai, Thailand. During 4-day’s trip, we experienced a total different culture and traditions in a strange country. 

It’s really a wonderful feeling when you are regarded as a foreigner. The best thing is that we’re a group travel with familiar friends. You can completely relax yourself and do some interesting activities together. There is no doubt that every member of us enjoy a great time in this trip.

We all know that Chiang Mai is a historic city which is most famous for its beautiful ancient temples and Buddhist culture. Temples with diverse characters are easy to be seen everywhere in this old city.

Even not quite understand background story and symbolic meaning of these temples, we’re still deeply shocked by the architectural beauty of these resplendent buildings and fabulous design.

When you are in Thailand, Elephant Camp is a place you must go. You can’t imagine the largest animal on land could carefully draw a picture just as an excellent artist. Really amazing!

There is no more exciting thing than riding the elephant! You should have enough courage to sit on this giant monster's shaking back, which is over 2 meter to the ground.

Gina and Anna did it! Thumb up to these two brave ladies.

Golden Triangle,borders of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar,a name just hear from the movie, which is always associated with chaos and fight.At least, it's a place with silence and peace at this moment.Just enjoy the grand sight of Mekong river.

If no delicious food,it can't be a perfect journey. Luckily,food in Thailand would never let you down!

Sweet and juicy tropical fruit make your life full of honey every day.

Fresh and spicy diet is a great enjoyment for your taste.

Ningman Road,an artistic street well known for its restaurant,shops,galleries and coffee.

Idea place to walk around in a silent afternoon.

Happy time is always short. Really appreciate for the benefit of company, we could have a chance to travel abroad as a whole group. Hope all Maxrac team will have a prosperous performance of next half year!

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