Acceptance Criteria For Storage Shelves

08. 30, 2018

1. The overall Pallet Racking System Price should be adjusted horizontally and vertically until it meets the standards.

2. For the requirements of the contract, the beam load test shall be carried out to test the deflection under the beam.

3. For the pile-up machine, the counter test should be done.

4. The coating, peeling and abrasion of a small area on the surface of the component should be applied.

5. All fasteners should be tightened. The bolts should be exposed with 2-4 pitches of nuts; after the countersunk screws are tightened, the countersunks should be buried in the components and should not be exposed.

Erecting standards

1. The erected shelf piece can be equipped with a certain number of beams to form a stable structure according to the height and weight of the shelf piece, such as manual (pulley, etc.), mechanical (car crane, etc.).

2. After erecting the number of rows, the orientation and size review will be carried out according to the figure from Warehouse Pallet Racking Factory, and the initial adjustment of elevation, vertical and horizontal will be carried out. If other accessories are installed, the data will be installed one by one, so that the data meets the standard and then Row by column installation.

3. When using the pad to level, the following provisions shall be met:

1) The number of pads should be reduced for each pad group, and should not exceed 5 pieces. Place it thick under the top and thin it in the middle.

2) Each pad set should be placed neatly and smoothly, and the contact is good.

3) After leveling, each set of pads should be compacted.

Pallet Racking System Price

Pallet Racking System Price

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