Advantages Of Cantilevered Shelves

11. 11, 2019

Do you know what a cantilevered shelf is? Below we will come to everyone as a Storage Shelving System manufacturer , look at it together.

Cantilevered shelves are an important part of the shelf. Cantilevered shelves are suitable for storing long materials, ring materials, plates, pipes and irregular goods. The cantilever can be single-sided or double-sided, and the cantilevered shelf has the characteristics of stable structure, good load capacity and high space utilization. The cantilevered shelf column is mostly made of H-shaped steel or cold-rolled steel. The cantilever adopts square tube, cold-rolled steel or H-shaped steel. The cantilever and the column are connected by bolt or bolt. The base and the column are bolted. The base is cold Rolled steel or H-beam.

Heavy duty Cantilever Racking

Heavy duty Cantilever Racking

The cantilevered shelf is constructed by mounting a cantilever on the column, and the cantilever can be fixed or movable. Pipes and plates are used for storage. According to the carrying capacity, it can be divided into three types: light cantilever rack, medium cantilever rack and Heavy duty Cantilever Racking; according to the structure, it can be divided into single-sided cantilever rack and double-sided cantilever rack. Cantilevered shelves are ideal for storing bulky, loose or other special products. Cantilevered shelves have one-arm and two-armed compartments for efficient storage of wood, tubing, strips, etc. Cantilevered shelves are in The traditional shelf pillar is equipped with an outer cantilever, which is a special shelf for long objects.

The structural features of the cantilevered shelves are mainly:

1. The cantilevered shelf has one arm and two arms, which efficiently store wood, pipe, strip and other similar products. The cantilevered shelf can be composed of a single column unit and a cantilever to form a plurality of unit systems continuously through horizontal rods, diagonal rods and the like.

2. Cantilevered shelves are an effective storage system for quality, security and management. The column piece is composed of a column and a base. The column is welded by two specially designed C-shaped steels. This structure makes full use of the material's anti-load capacity, and has the characteristics of large bearing capacity and low cost.

3, the column prefabricated double row of holes, the pitch of the hole is 100mm, the cantilever is connected to the column through the plate pin, and can be adjusted up and down with a pitch of 100mm.

Cantilevered shelves are generally made of two materials:

1. Adopting square tube production: cantilever type shelf according to the corresponding cantilever layer loading requirements, first select the square tube that meets the layering requirements, cut into the required size, weld the non-slip guard plate on one end, and weld the u-shaped column connection piece on the other end. Made.

2, using c-shaped steel production: cantilever type shelf according to the corresponding cantilever layer load requirements, first select the c-shaped steel specifications, after the selection, two pieces of c-shaped steel butt welding, after welding, welding the non-slip guard plate, the other end welding Connect the u-pillar connection.

The cantilevered shelf column piece and the column piece are connected by a connecting rod, and the connecting rod is generally made of a rectangular tube. For added safety and stability, a flat iron backing is applied to the connecting rod to hold the column tightly.

All cantilevered shelf components are semi-finished after production and will be sprayed through the final process. Before the spray molding, the shot blasting machine first performs shot blasting, degreasing, rust removal, and then spray molding. The package is shipped after completion. The forward cantilever has the characteristics of stable structure, good load capacity, convenient management and wide field of view, and is suitable for storage of long, sheet or ring materials. The cantilever rack adopts special profile column, and the design back pull increases stability. The cantilever rack has the characteristics of light structure, good load capacity and high space utilization. The cantilever rack is easy to handle and has a wide field of view. It is especially suitable for warehouses with small space and low height. Cantilever shelves are more efficient than Metal Rack Shelving. Suitable for long materials, sheets, toroids and irregular cargo storage.

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