Application Advantages of Heavy-Duty Shelving

06. 01, 2021

Choosing the right Storage Shelves is beneficial to warehouse operation and storage efficiency. Heavy-duty shelving is often customized for application in different industries. In order to adapt to different cargo storage needs and warehouse requirements, different types of storage systems have been formed through continuous improvement, such as beam, through, loft, cantilever, gravity, narrow-aisle, double-deep shelving, etc.

Heavy-Duty Storage Shelves

Heavy-Duty Storage Shelves

What advantages can heavy-duty storage shelves bring in practical application?

1.Load-bearing capacity

As the Heavy-Duty Storage Shelves are generally supported by steel structure platform as the main body, so it will also be designed and manufactured according to the needs in the actual use of the warehouse, the load-bearing capacity is relatively good. In terms of use, it also has the characteristics of easy assembly and simple handling of goods, which can better meet the needs of the warehouse.

2. Pressure resistance and fire resistance

The pressure resistance, fire resistance and impact resistance of heavy-duty shelves need to meet the needs of the warehouse. In the actual installation process, according to the type of goods stored and the situation of the warehouse, consider the use of suitable locking devices, such as bolt locking or screw fastening, if there is damage, whether it is easy to replace, etc. The four corners of the shelves should be fixed on a concrete foundation with embedded parts in the floor or fixed to the floor with chemical bolts. This is designed for heavy-duty shelving, as the load-bearing capacity is usually larger. Helps maintain its stability and prevents tilting. This design also helps to protect against vibration, while it can cope with the impact of loading and unloading machinery on the shelves.

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