Classification Of Storage Shelves

05. 06, 2020

Storage shelves are an indispensable configuration in all stages of logistics. Would you like to know the shelves and what kind of shelves should your enterprise choose? Today small makeup according to the shelf classification form to elaborate;

Storage Shelves

The classification form of the shelf has a lot of, according to the bearing capacity can be distinguished for the light shelf, medium shelf, heavy shelf, long-span shelving, bolt free shelving, rivet shelving if according to the height can be distinguished for the bottom and the high-rise, according to the form can be distinguished for channel type, intensive and revolving shelf.

According to the carrying capacity, the following can be distinguished:

A light shelf is a kind of general distribution system, can be assembled at will, can meet the needs of emergency applications, can be widely used in the assembly of the light material rack, workbench, tool car, suspension system, safety net, and support frame.

Medium shelf modeling is chic, the layout is reasonable, assemble disassemble is convenient, need not screw, and very firm and firm, bearing capacity is very big, general use is in sell, enterprise warehouse still has an institution.

Heavy shelves are formed by rolling with cold-rolled steel plates, in which there are no joints, bearing capacity is very large, not easy to deformation, reliable connection, easy to disassemble and install, the use of locking to prevent forklift operation beam lifting, suitable for large warehouse applications.

According to the height, it can be distinguished as:

The bottom shelf is usually under 5 meters, more suitable for common warehouse applications.

The high shelf is usually more than 10 meters, there are up to 20 meters, equipped with a high truck and other storage configuration to implement storage operations, storage control work to do fast and flexible, usually used in the library.

According to the form, it can be distinguished as:

The single shelf can agv for forklift or fork into the channel access goods, usually, a single pickup had better not exceed 7 position depth, can according to the actual demand choice configuration guide rail, the rolls can improve space utilization above 30%, suitable for use in a small variety, batch categories of goods storage, widely used in the wholesale, cold storage and food, tobacco and other industries.

Intensive shelves mainly united the nowadays Internet and intelligent control techniques, can play to the intelligent control, goods storage can contain shelves automatic telescopic skills installation time can be adjusted according to the size of the warehouse for, for electronic products, valuables, fragile goods can achieve the orderly and efficient storage, etc.

The rotary rack is usually set electric drive device, can according to from two straight line and curve segment synthetic circular orbit, from the switch or with small electronic computer control, access to goods, goods area of goods number input from the control panel button, the goods will automatically rotate to the picking point based on the most recent distance stop, picking route short, high efficiency, suitable for outbound frequency is high, the many varieties of the picking of the warehouse.

In practical use, there may be many different categories and combinations of shelves

Storage shelves are not purchased as quickly as daily goods or off-the-shelf products, there is a process from design to customization and later. No matter in the shelf structure, appearance style, the material selection needs to be suitable for their own is the best. Then, in the purchase warehouse shelf from what aspects should be considered.

  1. Stability of storage shelves. This problem is one of the key problems in the use of shelves, storage shelves are generally purchased steel structure custom if the shelf stability is not good, will bring a great potential safety problem. The wide application of the shelf steel structure system highlights the importance and urgency of stability research. Because there are many uncertain factors in the design, construction and use of the steel structure system of the shelf in the warehouse, the stability of the shelf structure in place is the key factor to measure its quality.

  2. according to the characteristics of their own warehouse to choose shelves. Before production, ask the manufacturer's professionals to survey and plan your warehouse and other places. Having the shelf plant's technical specialists tailor your order will greatly increase the utilization of your warehouse and minimize the likelihood of future problems.

Purchase of storage shelves

3. the shelf process. The semi-finished products after the shelf forming should go through the process of oil removal, rust removal, pretreatment, phosphating, passivation, electrostatic spraying, high-temperature curing, and other links. The quality of powder also has a distinct difference. In the production of special shelf for cold storage, according to the specific characteristics of the cold storage, the corresponding process on the shelf, in order to ensure that the future use in the warehouse does not appear big problems. 

4. the material problem, the storage of steel general quality with (Q235 hot plate), but some bad manufacturers in order to earn the price difference will choose some inferior steel (Q195), so the choice of storage shelves must choose a large shelf factory, do not get cheap, or in the end will lose more than it pays.

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