Five Principles To Be Followed When Storing Goods On Commercial Storage Shelving Units

02. 18, 2019

1. Anti-shelf overload: When the Commercial Storage Shelving Units are designed and manufactured, the shelf manufacturers will select materials according to the load and set a rated load. When the goods are stored, the weight of each layer of goods shall not exceed the maximum load of the shelf design.

2, anti-goods super high: the shelf size of the storage shelves is fixed, the shelf height and shelf width have been limited, the size of the pallet and cargo should be 100mm smaller than the shelf's net space.

3. Anti-collision: The Mezzanine Storage System should have enough forklift running space when installing, install the shelf anti-collision foot or anti-collision bar, avoid the forklift hitting the shelf during the running process, and should slow down as much as possible when accessing the cargo. Lightly handle, prevent the forklift from descending too fast, resulting in a large impact force, causing damage to the shelf beam.

4, anti-heavy weight: storage shelves in the storage of goods should be done from the bottom to the order of the order, the bottom of the heavy goods, the top of the principle of light goods.

5. Prevent the use of pallets that do not meet the requirements to store the goods. All the goods should be used in pallets or containers whose load and structure meet the requirements of the shelf when they are stored on the shelves. The trays on the shelves should be used as the bottom of the tray or the bottom of the tray. For pallets, it is also possible to add laminates, shelf nets, span beams and other ancillary facilities to the shelves.

Commercial Storage Shelving Units

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