Safety Instructions For Commercial Storage Shelving Units

07. 18, 2019

1, the use of Commercial Storage Shelving Units to prevent top-heavy: should be done on the high-level light goods, the bottom of the heavy goods.

2, heavy-duty shelves to prevent overload: the weight of each layer of goods stored should not exceed the maximum load of the shelf design.

3, heavy-duty shelves to prevent ultra-high super wide: shelf height, layer width has been limited, the size of the card and cargo should be slightly smaller than the net space of 100mm.

4, the use of Pallet Racking Systems to prevent impact: forklifts should be handled as lightly as possible during operation.

5, heavy-duty shelf use When there is a cargo placed above the shelf, the operator should try not to directly enter the bottom of the shelf.

6, heavy-duty shelf use to prevent the use of non-standard floor plate (card board) on the shelf, the bottom of the word is best.

When using heavy-duty shelves, when the height of the goods exceeds eight meters, one special consideration is that it requires a corresponding loading and unloading machine.

Commercial Storage Shelving Units

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