Composition and Purchase of Heavy-duty Rack Loft Platforms

02. 17, 2020

The heavy shelf loft platform is just like what it literally includes. Below it is a heavy shelf. Above it is a structure of a multi-purpose steel platform. This is also a professional shelf tailored to our customers' needs Products, let's follow the Superlock Pallet Racking Wholesaler!

Advantages of a heavy shelf loft platform

1.It is suitable for the case of higher houses and large storage capacity, which can make full use of space and save the area of the warehouse;

2. The load of this shelf is large, and it can be customized freely according to customer needs;

3. Easy disassembly, not afraid of plant relocation, beautiful appearance and high practicability;

Heavy Duty Shelving Loft Platform Composition Structure

This type of system usually uses medium-sized or heavy-duty shelf racks as the support of the main body and floor panels (deciding which shelf to choose based on the total load capacity of the unit shelf). The floor panels usually use cold-rolled steel floor slabs and patterned steel floor slabs. Or steel grill floor. Such systems have more applications in the field of automotive parts, automotive 4S shops, light industry, electronics and other industries.

Heavy Duty Shelving

Heavy Duty Shelving

It is usually equipped with stairs, hydraulic lifts or elevators, or the goods are carried upstairs by forklifts. Installation and disassembly are convenient and flexible, and can be flexibly designed into two-story and three-story lofts according to the site and needs.

1. Fully assembled structure, which can be combined and moved, adjusted, disassembled, and simple and flexible; multiple uses (office, production, service, storage);

2.The material sections of the columns, main beams and auxiliary beams are optimized, the bearing capacity is strong, and the overall structure is stable.

3. The surface is treated with electrostatic dusting and has a beautiful appearance.

4. It can be flexibly designed into two or more storeys according to the actual site requirements. It is suitable for storing multiple varieties and small batches of goods, making full use of space. Downstairs access with forklift, upstairs as platform, with electro-hydraulic lift operation

Precautions when buying a heavy shelf loft platform

Production aspects: From the selection of the tool holder to the stamping, the specifications must be very precise, and then the surface treatment is complete if the processes such as pickling and phosphating, rust prevention treatment, electrostatic spraying and plastic treatment are complete. Some small factories in order to reduce costs , Several steps will be omitted. When buying, be sure to confirm whether these steps are available, otherwise the shelf life will be reduced accordingly.

Warehouse site and shelf design:

1. The height of the ceiling of the warehouse. Shelves are storage tools used to access goods, so the highest height of the shelves cannot exceed the beam;

2. The floor can bear weight and flatness. The bottom piece of the shelf must be firmly located on the board. The total weight placed on the shelf will be about several tons, so the bearing capacity and flatness of the floor must be taken into account;

3. Lighting and fire protection facilities of the warehouse. Shelves are designed in the warehouse. The lighting facilities and fire boxes must be effectively avoided to design the shelves. This will allow good access to the goods.

4. Cargo specifications and reservation of passages. The distance between the beams and the distance between the shelves should be designed according to the actual cargo. The total height of the shelves is also closely related to the height, width, and weight of the goods. The distance between the shelves is commonly known as the shelf aisle, which is the passage for the forklift and people to access and store the goods. It must be designed according to the actual situation;

5. The choice of forklift is also important.

In summary, when choosing heavy-duty shelves, you must choose a brand-name shelf manufacturer to cooperate, so that the production quality and delivery time are more guaranteed. I believe that Pallet Racking China Manufacturers like us will definitely meet your needs.

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