How to Configure Pallets for Storage Shelves?

06. 24, 2021

Pallet is now one of the common logistics equipment in logistics transportation and warehousing turnover, and it is also one of the most frequently used storage equipment in conjunction with Storage Shelves. The use of metal pallets can facilitate the direct handling of the goods in the storage shelves with a forklift, which not only improves work efficiency but also saves manual handling costs.

Heavy-duty Racks, through racks, shuttle racks, clever solid racks, etc. need to be combined with their own characteristics. According to different storage needs, choose pallets of different materials. Pallets are classified into metal materials, wood, plastics, and new energy. Four materials.

Storage Shelves

Storage Shelves

Heavy shelves:

Heavy-Duty Racks are typical of using metal pallet racks. Usually one set of this kind of shelf can have 2-3 metal pallets placed side by side for the needs of placing goods. This type of shelf is often called a pallet shelf. When using metal pallets for heavy-duty racks, pay attention to some problems.

First of all, determine the position between the metal pallets and have a proper space to facilitate the operation of the forklift; secondly, try to place the metal pallets neatly on the beams of the shelves, and handle the relationship between the goods and the metal pallets. Avoid the occurrence of safety accidents. The bottom of the pallet rack must be installed with expansion screws to ensure the stability of the pallet rack.

Shuttle shelf:

As an automated Racking System, the shuttles store the pallets placed on it in a deep position. Plastic pallets are the main type of pallet used and are similar to through-type racks in terms of cargo space. The basic principle of the shuttle rack is: the rack and the movable shuttle form a simple unit, which can be moved in the warehouse.

The shelves with shuttles running are controlled by a front-end central console. The forklift picks up the rack and places it on the center console of the designated rack. Then the forklift puts the inbound pallet on the shuttle to start the storage operation. When the forklift is about to store the next pallet, the shuttle will quickly and steadily transport the pallet to the designated storage location in the rack.

Through shelf:

The use of pallets, through-type racking is a master of using pallets. Since the through-type rack is a continuous whole-building rack that is not separated by aisles, it uses pallets that are also continuous, which also reduces obstacles and maximizes the ability to store goods. In use, the trays can be arranged in one direction or two directions.

The total depth of one-way racks should be controlled within 6 pallets, and the total depth of two-way racking areas should be controlled within 12 pallets to improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift access. As for the choice of metal pallet or plastic pallet, everyone can consider it after comprehensive consideration.

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