What Is The Correct Maintenance Method For Warehouse Shelves?

07. 13, 2020

Although Warehouse Storage Racks are made of steel, they must still be used and properly maintained. Because the correct use can reduce the damage of the shelf and reduce unnecessary costs (such as storage costs), so saving a dollar is equivalent to making a dollar. Regular maintenance can extend the shelf life. Even if your warehouse management staff changes from batch to batch, your shelves will remain in the warehouse. Therefore, today our Warehouse Racking Manufacturer will share with you some notes about the use and maintenance of today's warehouse shelves:

First of all, although the shelves have been surface-treated, they must be protected from moisture during use. When the shelf is wet, it needs to be cleaned with a rag to avoid rusting of the shelf. In particular, pay attention to the position of the shelf interface, which is easier to rust.

Secondly, do not overload the shelf during use. Each shelf has its maximum load, which is determined at design time, so please do not force it during use to avoid potential safety hazards.

Carton Flow Rack

Carton Flow Rack

Third, pay attention to the size of the goods, not super high and wide. The dimensions of the pallet and cargo should be less than 100mm of the internal dimensions of the shelf.

Fourth, handle gently when handling to avoid hitting the shelf.

Fifth, the principle of placing light objects on the top of the shelf and heavy objects on the bottom must be observed.

Sixth, choose qualified pallets, do not use unqualified pallets.

Seventh, when storing goods on the shelf, people should avoid entering the bottom of the shelf, safety first.

Eighth, while ensuring that the shelf is clean and tidy, the shelf users should also regularly check the shelf to ensure the normal use of the shelf to reduce potential safety hazards.

Therefore, correct shelf maintenance is very important. Industrial Racking Manufacturers are the first choice for industrial shelf manufacturers. The goods are real and solid. Free one-stop service, such as door-to-door measurement, design, production, distribution and installation. The warehouse has superb production technology, rugged and durable, making your storage space more valuable.

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