What are the Factors that Determine the Price of Warehouse Shelves?

04. 06, 2020

In the process of buying warehouse shelves, customers often prefer shoppers to shoppers. They often ask why your warehouse shelves are more expensive than others, and often ask why your warehouse shelves are more expensive than others. Much higher. Here are some factors that influence shelf prices summarized by Warehouse Storage Racks Manufacturer:

Heavy Duty Shelving

Heavy Duty Shelving

1.Types and specifications of storage shelves

Different types of shelves must have different prices. For example, Heavy Duty Shelving must be priced higher than medium-sized shelves. This is because different types of shelves have different materials, processes, installation, transportation, etc. Different types of shelves come in different sizes, sizes and prices. The larger the size, the more material is consumed. There are also many customers eagerly asking what the price is on the phone to gauge whether they need to continue talking. Warehouse shelves are customized according to the actual situation of the warehouse.

2.Design scheme and product quality of storage shelves

Different Warehouse Rack companies have different technical levels and production processes, and their warehouse rack prices must be different. A serious, responsible and professional shelf company will consider the actual needs of customers to comprehensively consider the existing plant supporting equipment, design a scientific and reasonable shelf storage solution for customers; during the production process, the use of raw materials and other manufacturers There are also differences. Storage shelf design and product quality are the decisive factors affecting product prices. When purchasing warehouse shelves, customers should choose a professional and regular shelf manufacturer and conduct on-site inspections.

3. Freight for storage shelves

Storage shelves are usually transported by logistics. The closer the distance is, the lower the freight rate, but we cannot assume that when purchasing a storage rack, we must choose the nearest manufacturer, because the freight often only accounts for a small part of the total price of the storage rack. Design scheme and quality are the decisive factors in determining shelf price.

4. Delivery and completion of storage shelves

If the normal delivery and completion of the shelf manufacturer cannot meet the customer's needs, the customer project is even more urgent, and the project is expected to be completed in a shorter period of time. Is the inevitable project on the rise? Manufacturers need to reconfigure all aspects of their resources to ensure delivery and completion, and storage shelf prices will naturally rise.

5. Difficulty of installing storage shelves

Installation difficulty is mainly reflected in labor costs and time costs. The labor and time required to complete the installation of some large storage rack projects must be relatively high. A simpler number of warehouse racking items must cost less manpower and time to install.

6. Services provided by storage shelf manufacturers

With or without services, the prices of general services and high-quality services are certainly different. It is believed that most customers are more willing to spend a little more to get better pre-sale and after-sale service, rather than save a little money to bury hidden dangers for future use and maintenance.

7. Taxation

The national tax rate is also an important factor affecting market prices.

These are the main factors that determine the price of warehouse shelves. Customers can refer to it when purchasing warehouse shelves. The most important factors affecting shelf prices are design solutions and product quality.

The above are the determinants of shelf prices, and I hope to help everyone.

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