The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Shelves

08. 23, 2019

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There are many types of shelves, but warehouse shelves commonly used in the field of logistics, such as Heavy Duty Shelving, drive-in shelves (through shelves), and shuttle shelves, are more commonly used storage shelves. They each have their own advantages and characteristics, but relatively speaking, there are certain deficiencies. The following shelf manufacturers will take you to know:

Heavy Duty Shelving

Heavy Duty Shelving

1. The advantages of heavy-duty shelves (beam-type shelves) can be summarized as follows: large bearing capacity, not easy to deform, reliable connection, easy assembly and disassembly, the surface of all shelves is treated by pickling, phosphating, electrostatic spraying, etc. Anti-rust, universal storage of all kinds of goods that need to be put on shelves. Each layer can be adjusted at equal intervals. The assembly is more flexible.

Heavy-duty shelves have their shortcomings compared to other shelves. Heavy-duty shelves generally do not have laminates and need to be assisted by pallets. Although the heavy-duty shelves are relatively large in carrying capacity, the advantages in dense storage are not so obvious compared to the through-shelves. When the cargo height is more than 8 meters, it is necessary to have corresponding loading and unloading machinery. Since the total amount of channel area required is large, the storage density is smaller than other systems.

2. The advantages and disadvantages of the through-type (drive-in) storage shelves. Through-shelfs are also called driving-in shelves, depending on the characteristics of the use. Through-shelf is a traditionally intensive warehouse shelf. Its high-quality features are mainly the performance of three-dimensional density storage. It can effectively improve the storage utilization of goods than the general storage shelves, and the space utilization rate can reach more than 90%. Better performance in warehousing in cold storage, food and tobacco industries. The through-shelf structure is simple and performs well in terms of construction and maintenance costs.

Inadequacies in the use of through shelves. The inadequacies of the through-shelf are mainly manifested in these aspects: compared to the heavy-duty shelves, the through-shelf lacks the support of beams and braces, and lacks stability. The more the three-dimensional storage of goods, the less stable its stability. In the previous design, the possible situation must be fully considered according to the actual situation. Otherwise, the use of space is beyond the normal conditions, and the manufacturing installation and maintenance costs will also increase.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of shuttle shelves. The shuttle rack integrates the high-quality structure of the general shelf and has a certain performance in automated storage. For example, its efficient use, similar to the through shelves, shuttle shelves are also a dense storage shelf system. The core components are shuttle trolleys, which allow for automated deep storage due to their movement under terminal control, reducing personnel operations and effectively improving inventory efficiency and accuracy.

However, compared with the traditional storage shelves, the shuttle shelves involve the cooperation of shelves and various systems, and the construction is relatively complicated, and the maintenance cost during operation is relatively high. The shuttle rack integrates some terminal systems, track accuracy control, etc., which require the operation and maintenance of specialized personnel. Compared to the general storage shelves, this aspect is relatively complicated.

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