Do You Know The Warehouse Pallet Shuttle System?

08. 09, 2021

Have you ever wondered what your delivery packages go through in the warehouse? How they are sorted by region and transported bit by bit to your floor? Does the warehouse get cluttered? Do they rely solely on manpower to move them? Let warehouse storage racks manufacturer tell you the truth: we use the radio shuttle pallet storage system.

What is the Pallet Shuttle System

The warehouse racking system is a semi-automated, high-density storage solution for the handling of goods inside channels similar to a drive-in or pallet-flow setup.Cost-effective and time-saving, it removes the need for forklift trucks to enter the aisles.

Components of pallet shuttle racking system

Pallet shuttle racking system is an intensive storage equipment composed of shuttles, racks and forklifts. The shuttle can carry pallet goods on the guide rails through radio remote control, and has the characteristics of high storage density, convenient storage, high access efficiency, low maintenance costs, and high safety. It also does not need to use forklift channels, only the use of shuttle racks and pallets together can effectively increase the space utilization rate and reduce the collision between racks and forklifts.

Pallet Shuttle System   Pallet Shuttle System

How does the pallet shuttle rack work?

In radio shuttle racking systems, pallets are moved within the racks by a robotic shuttle, a kind of sled which runs on tracks just underneath the beams that the pallets sit on. An ordinary, manually-operated forklift places the shuttle into the rack at the desired height and pallet position, and the load to be put away is placed on the shuttle.

The shuttle can then move itself further into the rack to the desired position, where it drops off the pallet and returns to the end of the rack, to be moved elsewhere. This system of operation means that shuttle racking allows for very high storage density – in operations that use shuttle racking, racks are often four or five pallets deep or more.


Radio shuttle rack allow you to maximize the full potential of your warehouse by dramatically increasing capacity, reducing operating costs, and increasing throughput, enabling you to truly maximize your warehouse space. It is also a solution that can bring huge benefits and attractive return on investment.If you are looking for a supplier of radio shuttle rack that can provide you with high quality products at reasonable prices, we will be a wise choice.

Contact Maxrac to wholesale shuttle racks with high quality. We can maximize your storage space utilization, we have advanced process engineering and customized service as per your needs.

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