Correct Use Plan For Double Deep Pallet Rack

08. 23, 2018

Zheng Ming Logistics---Fresh Cold Chain Warehouse, Temperature Control and Agricultural Product Logistics Supply Chain---Double deep Pallet Rack.

The structure of a typical metal racking systems, primary and secondary beams, columns and columns, as well as ladders and railings. According to the requirements of use, it can be divided into indoor space, production platform under static and dynamic load, platform support, and medium and heavy operation platform to support different ways. The network structure can be divided into: directly on the tripod or Bracket platform column, a simple operating platform that functions as a safe passage or medium.

One side of steel structure mezzanine price is supported on the wall of the building or on the wall of the building, and the other side supports the platform of the independent column. A platform supported on a large installation. All independent platforms. For platforms with large power loads or heavy equipment, it is appropriate to remove the design from the column and support it directly on the independent column.

Metal Racking Systems

Metal Racking Systems

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