What Are The Elements Of Storage Shelf Engineering?

04. 19, 2021

Characteristics of storage Shelves:

1.The stability of the shelves. has been one of the key problems in the design of Warehouse Shelves steel structure, the extensive application of the shelf steel system highlights the importance and urgency of stability research. It is necessary to introduce reliability analysis because there are many uncertainties in the design, construction and use of the steel structure system of warehouse shelves.

Warehouse Shelves

Warehouse Shelves

2.choose the shelves must be suitable for your warehouse characteristics, Warehouse Racking Manufacturer reminds the vast number of customers before the purchase, must be their own planning, or let the shelves factory professional and technical personnel for you tailor-made, so that the utilization of your warehouse will be greatly increased, but also to the possibility of future problems may be minimized.

3.Process problems. After the formation of the black parts of the shelves should be in addition to oil, rust, pretreatment, phosphating, passivation, electrostatic spraying, high-temperature curing and many other links. The quality of powder is also a good difference between the points. Generally each shelf company has standard color, spraying standard color general cost is low. If you use a special color, change the powder will increase the duration, waste powder, so the cost will be relatively high.

Select the basic elements of the shelf:

(1) Plant structure.Storage equipment selection shelves should consider the effective height of the beam to determine the height of the shelves. The location of the beam and column will affect the configuration of the shelves. The strength of the floor, the floor roughness is also related to the design and installation of the shelves. It is also necessary to consider the installation location of fire protection and lighting facilities.

(2) The characteristics of the goods.The shape and size of storage items, directly related to the selection of shelf size, the weight of storage items directly affect the choice of the intensity of the shelves. and the storage units, which units to store, pallets or storage cage or a single product have different types of shelf selection. In addition, the number of estimated total reserves must take into account the growth needs of the company in the next two years. These data can be obtained through the storage system analysis, and we can also request the golden source shelves before the design to give some professional advice.

(3) Accessibility.The general accessibility and storage density are relative. In other words, in order to obtain a higher storage density, it must be relatively sacrificing the access flexibility of the item. Although some types of shelves can be better storage density, but relative to its storage management is more complex, also often can not be advanced first out of control. The best of course the three-dimensional automatic warehouse can be developed, and the storage density is good, but the relative investment cost is more expensive. Therefore, the choice of type of storage equipment, can be said to be a compromise of various factors, but also a strategy for the application.

(4) Handling equipment.The access of storage equipment is done by handling equipment. Therefore, the selection of storage equipment should be considered in conjunction with handling equipment. Stacker is general general purpose of the handling equipment, and the width of the aisle, will directly affect the selection of stacker-type, is a counterweight or narrow-type. The operating channel width of each type of stacker is also considered as the comparison of lifting height and lifting weight handling equipment can be referenced: type of forklift and brand purchase.

(5) The amount of output.Some types of shelves although has a good storage density, but the volume is not high, suitable for low frequency operation. The high level of entry into the library is a very important data, which is chosen for the shelf-type consideration.

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