Explanation Of Related Terms Of Industrial Shelves

10. 11, 2019

Industrial Racking refer to storage devices dedicated to industrial enterprises. Different from ordinary shelf forms, industrial shelves have evolved into modern storage devices with unique forms and functions. Industrial shelves are the basis for scientific storage and rapid transfer of enterprise products. The continuous innovation and development of shelves and modern machinery storage and transportation equipment technology have satisfactorily met the high requirements of enterprises for the logistics chain. Its structure and design layout will bring scientific inventory management and direct benefit improvement to the enterprise. It is a profit growth point that cannot be ignored. This theory has been widely recognized.

Automated Storage And Retrieval System

Automated Storage And Retrieval System

Nowadays, Automated Storage And Retrieval System have been applied in industrial enterprises, and the purpose of warehousing has been realized more conveniently and quickly. In the logistics and storage center, we can understand that the warehousing problem is a very important part, and in the process of understanding the overall warehousing, the automatic storage and retrieval system has become a new concept. When we pay attention to the advantages of using the automatic storage and retrieval system, we can know that the product can be managed very well at the high level during the use. In this way, the product can be better grasped in multiple parts of the layer, and each operator can grasp the relevant information very carefully and make better use of it. Moreover, it is also known in the process of using the product that it is a very convenient state in terms of actual access, and the storage mode adopts a mode of automatic access. People can also understand that the product is a very simple way of operation in the process of use, so many friends should be better analyzed. This will enable better understanding of the various parts of the automatic storage and retrieval system, and hope that every friend can grasp the product very seriously. This will enable the perfect production of multiple parts of the actual production, and can be learned during use, which is currently a very high-end choice in terms of technical strength.

In addition to the automatic storage and retrieval system, there is also a system called Warehouse Shelving System, including warehouse loading and unloading system, pallet racking system, etc., which can realize safe and fast loading and unloading of goods only by single operation. It can reduce your labor, double the efficiency of loading and unloading operations, speed up material circulation, and achieve greater economic benefits. In order to better install the warehouse racking system, there are certain requirements for the warehouse shelves. It is recommended to carry out the concept of shelf standards from the following aspects according to the actual situation of the unit:

1. Warehouse use area and space height;

2. The height and space reserved for the warehouse.

3. Calculate the bearing capacity per unit area based on the stock height of the stock.

4. According to the warehouse area, reserve the aisle and shelf clearance, and determine the unit shelf area.

5. Calculate the carrying weight of the single layer of the shelf according to Articles 3 and 4, and establish the number of shelves.

After reading this, I believe that you have a certain understanding of the relevant terms of industrial shelves, if you have industrial shelves. If there is a need for warehouse shelves or loading and unloading systems, you can click on the link in the article to contact us. The excellent quality of our products has made us enjoy a high reputation in the international market. I believe we will not let you down.

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