How to Use Heavy Duty Shelving Correctly?

07. 05, 2019

Heavy Duty Storage Shelves are a very widely used shelf. Many companies encounter the same problem when using heavy-duty shelves. That is how to properly use this heavy duty shelving. Let us analyze how heavy duty shelves should be used.

Heavy Duty Shelving

Heavy Duty Shelving

First of all, we need to know what problems are likely to occur in Heavy Duty Shelving. Because the structure of heavy duty shelves is relatively simple, heavy duty shelves are generally prone to bending like beams and damage to shelves.

1. How to prevent heavy shelf beam bending?

The materials of heavy duty shelves are all made by rolling, but in normal use, deformation and bending are less likely to occur. The deformation of the shelf beam is often because the weight of the stored goods exceeds the upper limit of the load of the shelf. Therefore, employees must pay attention to the strict operation according to the specifications during daily operation. The overload of the shelf will not only damage the shelf, but even leave the warehouse security risks.

2. How to avoid damage to the shelf?

Avoiding heavy duty shelf damage is mainly due to the careful handling of the employees during normal operation, especially when using mechanical equipment such as forklifts, it is very easy to damage the shelves. At the same time, we must also do daily maintenance work, which can also reduce the severity of shelf damage.

Only by using a good storage shelf can you maximize the role of a shelf in an enterprise warehouse. The shelf is different from ordinary storage equipment. If serious damage occurs, the repair will be very complicated and expensive. Therefore, the maintenance of the shelf can also reduce the unnecessary cost of the enterprise and increase the profit of the enterprise.

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