The Advantages of Heavy Storage Racks In Applications

09. 21, 2020

Choosing a suitable Storage Shelf is conducive to warehouse operation and storage efficiency. Heavy-duty shelves are often customized and applied in different industries, and in order to adapt to different cargo storage needs and warehouse requirements, after continuous improvement, different types of storage systems have been formed, such as beam type, through type, loft type, cantilever type, Gravity type, narrow lane type, double deep shelf, etc.

What advantages can heavy-duty storage shelves bring in practical applications?

1.Bearing capacity

Since Heavy-Duty Racks generally use steel structure platforms as the main body support, they will also be designed and manufactured according to needs in actual use of the warehouse, and the carrying capacity is relatively better. In terms of use, it also has the characteristics of easy assembly and simple cargo handling, so it can better meet the needs of the warehouse.

2. Pressure resistance and fire resistance

The pressure resistance, fire resistance, and shock resistance of heavy shelves need to meet the needs of warehouses. In the actual installation process, appropriate locking devices should be considered according to the type of goods stored and the situation of the warehouse, such as bolt locking or screw fastening, if damaged, whether it is convenient to replace, etc. In addition, the four corners of the shelf should be fixed on the concrete foundation, and the ground should be embedded with embedded parts, or fixed on the ground with chemical bolts. This is designed for heavy-duty shelves, because the load-bearing capacity is usually relatively large. Help maintain its stability and prevent tilting. This design also helps shockproof, and at the same time can deal with the impact of loading and unloading machinery on the shelf.

Warehouse Shelving

Warehouse Shelving

Convenience brought by heavy shelves in use:

1.Convenient storage

From the customer's point of view, the classification and storage of materials are realized through the placement of goods and the handling equipment, and conspicuous labels can be set on the shelves according to the type of goods to facilitate the staff to check and fill vacancies. Each label can set the clarity and color of the font according to the maximum unit load, including the load data of each layer, the maximum load allowed, the number of unit loads allowed to be stored in each compartment, etc.

2. Good stability

The heavy-duty rack can be disassembled and assembled by itself, and the load capacity of each layer can also be adjusted arbitrarily according to the size of the item, so that the troublesome problem of increasing the weight of the column after use is eliminated. Because it has a strong overall strength, unlike ordinary Warehouse Shelving, it is also more stable than other shelves in terms of transportation. Damage or collision will not affect normal operation.

3. Reduced labor costs

Since heavy-duty racks are mainly used to store goods, they have higher requirements for the function of storing goods. When companies attach great importance to space, they will find ways to make full use of heavy-duty racks to reduce warehouse costs and labor costs.

Nowadays, many companies have begun to apply automated warehouse management models, which greatly reduces labor costs and improves warehouse efficiency. I believe that with the advancement and continuous development of technology, the application of automated storage will become more extensive.

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