How Can I Carry Out Warehouse Shelving Inspections

09. 06, 2021

Warehouse metal racking systems are widely used today. To ensure that your employees move safely around your storage facility, warehouse shelving inspections are important. The best way to ensure shelf maintenance is to carry out regular inspections. Failure to carry out warehouse shelving inspections puts your employees and goods at risk and can expose supervisors to liability in the event of a workplace accident. In addition, your shelving must always comply with national standards. In order to achieve this compliance, it is necessary to carry out inspections. Here are the warehouse shelving ideas:

How Can I Carry Out Warehouse Shelving Inspections

How often to do that?

Warehouse shelving requires special and regular attention. Two types of inspection can be distinguished.

Routine inspections

Routine checks must be carried out daily by workers when using the shelves. Company directors must educate their employees in advance about the importance of these checks.

In addition to the routine checks, the shelves must also be inspected frequently and more thoroughly for wear and tear. Depending on the size of the warehouse, it is recommended that this be carried out every fortnight or at least once a month. This makes it possible to fix any problems that could be a hazard to workers.

Annual inspections

The annual inspection is a detailed check which must give an accurate report on the overall condition of the shelving. Therefore, each piece must be inspected and then classified. A colour coding system can be used, green to indicate that everything is OK, orange to indicate a fault requiring repair and red to indicate a serious hazard requiring immediate repair.

Inspection points

There are several points that must be checked during a warehouse shelf inspection. This is a non-exhaustive list.

Shelf structure

Do you see signs of wear, deformation or erosion on the structure? Do these cause a reduction in its capacity?

Shelf ladders

Check the condition of the shelf ladders. They must not show any distortion and must remain straight. If deformations are visible to the naked eye, they must be repaired quickly. .


Does the weight of the goods stored on the different shelves match the weight they are capable of carrying?

Connecting devices

Check the condition of the connecting elements between the beams and the frame and the presence of the necessary safety locks.

A warehouse shelving inspection is therefore recommended to ensure the safety of your goods, your employees and your customers. If you are already convinced of the importance of warehouse shelving inspections to maintain this level of security and you are willing to invest in maintaining your working tools, MAXRAX can support you. .

Ideas to save money


The first step is to train your operators in shelving technology so that they can consistently identify damaged components. We can also train your team in racking installation.


Implement a monthly inspection discipline in your warehouse. maxrax can help you with mandatory annual inspections. This can be followed by the issuing of several types of documents (certification letters, sealing plans, complete inspection reports).


Throughout the year, you need to keep track of the components to be replaced and keep an eye out for damaged components. Damage patterns can also be identified so that radical improvements can be made.


Because they have been checked in advance, components can be repaired rather than replaced. This is much less costly.

To maintain your storage facility or bring it up to standard and implement an action plan, MAXRAX is at your disposal. Is the condition of your shelves worrying you? Contact us now to start the process!

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