Installation Racking Supported Mezzanine Precautions

08. 14, 2018

1. The erected racking supported mezzanine piece can be assembled according to the height of the shelf piece and the weight (manual pulley, etc.), mechanical (car crane), etc., and equipped with a certain number of beams to form a stable structure.

2. After arranging the number of rows in the first row, the orientation and size are reviewed according to the figure, and the initial adjustments such as elevation, vertical and horizontal are carried out. If other accessories are installed, the data will be installed one by one, so that the data meets the standard and then Row by column installation.

3. When using the pad to level, the following provisions shall be met:

(1) The number of pads should be reduced for each pad set. It should not exceed 5 pieces. When placed, it should be placed underneath and thinly placed in the middle.

(2) Each pad group should be placed neatly and smoothly, and the contact is good.

(3) After leveling, each set of pads should be compacted.

4. When installing the beam, the two ends must be snapped into place and the safety pin inserted.

5, various types (such as through, attic, cantilever) shelf features are ordered in accordance with their order, respectively.

If you encounter the drawings and require on-site processing during installation, it should be processed according to relevant technical standards from racking supported mezzanine factory.

Racking Supported Mezzanine

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