Longspan Shelving Management Countermeasures

11. 13, 2018

Strengthen and improve the countermeasures and measures for China's Longspan Shelving management.

The logistics industry has become a new economic growth point in China. As a basic function of logistics, warehousing and management must attract sufficient attention, and take corresponding countermeasures and measures to strengthen and improve warehousing management.

1. Strengthen the construction of warehousing infrastructure from Racking Supported Mezzanine Supplier;

2. Accelerate the introduction of competition mechanism and establish a unified, fair and orderly modern warehousing market system;

3. Strengthen the integration of warehousing resources and improve the warehousing standardization system;

4. Accelerate the construction of public information platform and realize the information management of warehousing;

5. Introduce and cultivate warehousing professionals and improve the training system;

6. Establish laws and regulations on sound storage management.

Longspan Shelving

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