Show Requirements Of Longspan Shelving When Displaying Goods

02. 21, 2019

1. Display the top layer of the Longspan Shelving. Generally speaking, it can display some recommended products or goods that have a certain popularity. This will guide the eyes of the consumers, and it will not cause the “cold field” because it is the upper layer of the display shelf.

2. The second floor of the display Light duty Cantilever Racking belongs to the golden section; because this section of the display shelf is the best location for the customer's vision, this segment is the most attractive point to absorb the customer's attention. The goods displayed in this segment should be high-profit. The goods or the products that are mainly sold, the golden section must make good use of this position, which will bring you unexpected sales results.

3. Display the middle section of the shelf, that is, the third floor; this section can play the role of absorbing customers, so that customers can “purchase one by one” and purchase gold goods.

4. Show the lower section of the shelf. This section is usually the lowest level of the Guangzhou shelf. This position can be used to display large-volume, heavy-weight, fragile, and low-margin goods.

Longspan Shelving

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