Material Handling Issues: Types of Pallet Racking

01. 10, 2022

Pallet racking systems can solve material handling/storage problems for many businesses and can be an important part of improving the efficiency and productivity of your systems and processes. These systems can be combined with other warehouse systems to provide a better solution to your material handling problems. MACRAC s a professional supplier of warehouse storage systems and welcomes you to visit our website for specific products.

Whether your material handling problems are due to lack of space, excess inventory, unsafe environment or other reasons, custom designed pallet racking systems can help you think vertically and create the best storage solution for your needs. When creating the right pallet racking system for your business and its needs, you need to determine whether it is a long-term solution or a short-term quick turnaround solution, and determine your weight and height needs. Pallet racking can be designed to hold a lot of weight and can be very tall.

Material Handling Issues: Types of Pallet Racking

Cantilever Racking

Do you need a storage solution for heavy and long loads? Cantilever racking is a great solution for storing heavy and/or long items such as lumber, tubes and pipes, furniture, metal beans, molds, metal and plastic sheets, etc. Choose from many different types to create the perfect cantilever racking solution for your business, including roll-formed, structural and more.

Rack Support Structures

Rack support structures, also known as rack support buildings, are interwoven with your building during construction. You can save money and time by building buildings and pallet racking systems at the same time to create rack support structures that are perfect for maintenance shops, climate controlled storage warehouses, exterior structures for freezers and coolers, and more.

Carton Racking

Carton flow racking uses "first in, first out" (FIFO) material handling, which means that as one product is picked, another product slides into the front picking slot. This is a simple solution to create a FIFO storage method in your operation. Carton flow racks provide high visibility and convenient storage space, and you can choose from roller lanes or gurneys.

Material Handling Issues: Types of Pallet Racking

Picking Module

The picking module is used to move product through the operational process, which may include inbound processing, order selection, packaging and shipping. Pick modules interconnect all of your major operations, such as pallet racking systems, conveyor systems, and box flow shelving.

MAXRAC can help you find and create the best solution for your material handling problems. Talk to a member of our team today about your organization's material handling needs and send a message to our team today to get in touch.

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