How to choose the right factory shelf?

02. 27, 2019

Pallet Rack Mezzanine Suppliers provide a variety of shelves, purchase factory shelves, not only to buy shelves to the warehouse is so simple, the shelf types are diverse, and need to be installed on site, depending on the different warehouse conditions, target storage, access methods Select factors such as selection to select the type of shelf and design the planning plan.

Factory loft-style shelves

The Mezzanine Racking System of the loft-style shelf usually uses medium-sized shelf-type shelves or heavy-duty shelf-type shelves as the main support plus the floor panel, and is built into the second and third-floor attic. The floor design is customized according to various installation conditions, and can be easily assembled on site. No need to weld, it is necessary to access some light foam and small and medium-sized goods, suitable for manual access to a variety of large-volume or multi-variety small batches of goods. It has many applications in the automotive parts field, automotive 4S stores, light industry, electronics and other industries.

Gravity shelf

The gravity-type shelf structure is similar to the drive-in shelf. The roller seat design is used to install a 3-5° inclined drum track on the beam. A damper is arranged on the slide, and a separator is arranged at the end of the slide. Self-heavy drives the flow, the trays are densely stored and in the best physical cycle, which can ensure the uninterrupted supply of materials in the production line. It is widely used in the tobacco industry.

The above is a brief introduction to several common and special shelves.

Pallet Rack Mezzanine Suppliers    Pallet Rack Mezzanine Suppliers

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