Some Suggestions For Mezzanine Racking System

10. 15, 2018

Simplified warehouse function recommendations

The professional functions of the Mezzanine Racking System should be maximized to better save the cost of the dealer. It is not advisable to treat the warehouse as a garage or a staff quarter. It is recommended that the dealer simplifies the function of the warehouse. Minimize the space that other things take up in the warehouse. If conditions permit, the dealer can set up a separate warehouse office and garage next to the warehouse.

Reasonable layout of goods placed

Scientific layout according to product variety and specifications, clear subject, detailed layout of beverage, grain and oil, leisure, daily chemical, etc., to avoid odor and affect quality. According to the sales profit and strategically distinguishing ABC products, the layout focus is determined. Class A products are placed at the door or aisle to facilitate the loading and unloading position, and Class B C is placed for extension. Set Heavy Duty Shelving to increase space utilization. The open space in front of the door is convenient for temporary dumping and loading and unloading. The planned warehouse can be drawn into the warehouse plan according to the shelf and the item number, and posted in the warehouse.

Bad goods must be separated, classified and reused

Be careful not to mix bad and normal sales. For the bad goods caused by different properties, different treatment methods are needed:

a. The quality is no problem, for damaged products, it can be sold in bulk form;

b. Products with quality problems are destroyed on site after the manufacturer approves them;

c. At the same time, it is best to establish a daily reporting system for the loss of the product.

Mezzanine Racking System

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