How To Remove Rust From Mezzanine Storage System?

12. 21, 2018

Such as angle grinder, wire brush, pneumatic needle rust remover, pneumatic rust hammer, tooth type rotary rust remover, etc., belonging to semi-mechanical equipment, light weight, large mobility, can completely remove rust , old coating, etc., can be used to rough the shelf coating, the efficiency is much higher than manual derusting, up to 1~2m2 / h, but can not remove the scale, the surface roughness is small, can not achieve high quality surface treatment Quality and work efficiency are lower than jet treatment.

It can be used on any part of the Mezzanine Storage System, especially in large warehouse logistics centers.

High pressure water abrasive rust removal. The impact of the high pressure water jet (plus the abrasive action of the abrasive) and the action of the water raft destroy the adhesion of the rust and the coating to the shelf steel. Its characteristics are no dust pollution, no damage to the shelf steel plate, greatly improve the rust removal efficiency, up to 15m2 / h, the rust quality is good. However, the rust-removed Light Duty Shelving steel plate is easy to return to rust, and must be coated with a special wet rust-removing paint, which has a great influence on the coating of general performance paint.

Shot blasting is the use of a high-speed rotating impeller to throw the abrasive onto the steel surface of the shelf to achieve the purpose of derusting. It is a more advanced mechanical treatment method, which not only has high production efficiency, but also has low cost and high degree of automation, and can realize pipeline operation. Less environmental pollution, but only indoors.

Chemical descaling is mainly a derusting method that uses a chemical reaction between an acid and a metal oxide to remove the rust product on the metal surface of the shelf material, that is, the so-called pickling and rust removal, which can only be operated in the workshop.

Mezzanine Storage System

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