What Is Overseas Warehouse? The Racking System Is Important!

05. 12, 2020

The overseas warehouse is now an indispensable part of social logistics, in order to establish overseas warehouse we must know the location of the overseas warehouse, overseas warehouse construction, overseas warehouse construction, we have to talk about the planning and installation of storage shelves.

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With the continuous development of the cross-border e-commerce industry, the logistics bottleneck has increasingly become an important obstacle affecting consumers' shopping experience.

For the same products, people tend to buy products that are faster to deliver, even if they have to pay for express delivery.

Therefore, cross-border e-commerce enterprises have been optimizing the logistics distribution system through overseas warehouse mode to meet the increasingly picky buyers' experience.

The overseas warehouse was once regarded as the best delivery method of cross-border e-commerce logistics in recent years, which solved various difficulties of cross-border logistics.

Superlock pallet racking

Superlock pallet racking

1. Improve consumer experience.

When consumers place orders, goods are shipped directly from overseas local warehouses, greatly shortening the delivery time, reducing transit, and reducing the rate of damaged and lost bags.

In addition, domestic logistics enterprises are used in distribution, and consumers can also check the logistics information in real-time.

When returning or replacing goods, it can also be carried out directly in overseas warehouses to improve the consumer experience.

2. Increase sales.

By using an overseas warehouse, the delivery speed has certain advantages, which can improve the product price and increase gross profit to a certain extent. At the same time, it can also improve the consumer experience and stimulate the second consumption, so as to improve the overall sales.

In addition, the use of an overseas warehouse allows products to be shipped in the country where they are displayed, increasing the search volume on the one hand, and on the other, buyers are more likely to prefer stores in the country where they are shipped, even if they have to pay a higher fee.


Ezlock pallet racking

3. Reduce logistics costs.

The logistics of cross-border e-commerce includes domestic logistics, domestic customs clearance, international transportation, foreign customs declaration, foreign logistics, and other links. The logistics cost accounts for about 30-40% of the total cost.

For example, postal parcels and cross-border logistics special lines have restrictions on the weight, volume, and value of goods, leading to the choice of commercial express delivery, which is generally very expensive.

The emergence of overseas warehouses has not only broken through the restrictions on the weight, volume and value of goods, but also lowered the logistics cost to a certain extent because the cost is cheaper than that of international express carriers.

The advantage of an overseas warehouse

1. Improve the shopping experience.

Overseas warehouse direct local delivery, greatly reduce the delivery time; Using local logistics, you can generally check the delivery status of goods online, so as to realize the whole package tracking; The first step of the overseas warehouse is to adopt the traditional foreign trade logistics method and import according to the normal customs clearance process, which greatly reduces the customs clearance barrier. Local delivery and distribution, reduce the transfer process, thus greatly reducing the rate of damage and loss of packages; There are all kinds of goods in stock in the overseas warehouse, so it is easy to realize the return and replacement. These factors will bring a good shopping experience for buyers.

2. Reduced logistics costs.

Postal packages and international special line logistics impose certain restrictions on the weight, volume, and value of items to be transported, resulting in many large items and valuables being delivered only through international express delivery. The emergence of overseas warehouses has not only broken through the limitation of weight, volume, and value of goods but also its cost is cheaper than that of international express carriers.

With the rise of the overseas warehouse, resulting in overseas warehouse size, standards, uneven distribution. There are some problems, such as inaccurate inventory forecast, which may lead to unsalable goods. Goods tracking if there is a gap will lead to loss; And overseas warehouse service providers themselves to do local services and team management is also a big problem, which will also affect the seller's service demand.

There are many kinds of overseas warehouses of different sizes. They can't win by quantity, but by quality. And the starting point of quality assurance is the actual needs of enterprises. If you only build a warehouse and do not manage it scientifically, you are actually moving your domestic inventory overseas. That is of little significance and scientific management is also needed.


At present, overseas warehouses mainly include self-built overseas warehouses, third-party overseas warehouses, and Amazon FBA. These three have their own advantages. To choose which one is specific, we need to choose according to our own conditions.、

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