Pallet Rack Mezzanine To Build a New Concept Of Modern Logistics

01. 05, 2019

The logistics industry is a complex service industry that integrates transportation, Warehouse Mezzanine Storage, freight forwarding and information industries. It is an important part of the national economy and plays a role in promoting industrial restructuring, transforming economic development methods and enhancing national economic competitiveness. Important role. From the development characteristics of modern logistics, the logistics industry has entered a mature stage. The further development of the logistics industry is mainly the expansion of logistics connotation, the extension of the process, the expansion of coverage and the increasingly specialized, standardized and informatized logistics management.

This paper aims to explore the informatization as the foundation and development core of modern logistics with the basic business Pallet Rack Mezzanine and distribution of logistics. It is also the nerve center of logistics business operation. Logistics informationization will gradually become the symbol and mainstream of modern logistics enterprises. The use of information technology to implement more refined process management and information management, to achieve a full visual tracking of commodity inventory, logistics business activities, improve customer service capabilities, thereby improving core competitiveness, which is also essential for the future development of the logistics industry The core link.

Pallet Rack Mezzanine

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