Pallet Racking Repair Can Fit Your Budget

03. 14, 2022

Pallet racking system is an important part of any commercial or industrial warehouse facility. These types of products help meet all of your business storage needs, but can also improve employee organization and productivity.

What happens when your current pallet racking system stops working properly? Whether it's a mechanical problem or structural damage, MAXRAC can help you with all your pallet racking repair needs.

Pallet Racking Repair Can Fit Your Budget

Pallet Rack Repair Needs

Before delving into the financial benefits of performing pallet rack repairs, it can be helpful to first understand the signs of needing these services. Our elite team of pallet rack repair technicians can provide full-service options for all of your repair needs. We often see several common types of damage, such as Bent or broken beams, tilted racks, inadequate assembly, corrosion or rust buildup.

When such problems occur, they can lead to significant damage and result in an unsafe working environment. Unsafe pallet racking can even be considered an OSHA violation, so solutions must be developed promptly. Business owners may think that replacing a pallet racking system is the only option, but our highly trained team can provide top-notch repair services to get your storage unit fully restored immediately.

Pallet Racking Repair Can Fit Your Budget

Slotted Angle Steel Shelving

Repairs provide financial benefits

While the safety and usage benefits of repairing existing pallet racking may seem obvious, some business owners forget to consider the financial benefits of hiring a pallet racking repair team instead of purchasing a brand new system. Some of these include

Preventing costly damage

Before you have a chance to pick out new pallet racking, order it and install it, your existing system can break down. This could result in significant property damage to your warehouse or facility. It could also pose a serious workplace hazard to your employees. If someone is injured or worse as a result of damaged pallet racking, you may be looking at significant costs to your employees or their families, not to mention the potential for costly litigation.

Beneficial to labor costs

Generally speaking, pallet rack repairs will be completed quickly. Instead of your employees having to work around broken, underperforming equipment or waiting for a replacement without a pallet racking system at all, they will be back up and running with repair services.

This also means they can use their time more efficiently, which reduces your overall labor costs.

Pallet Racking Repair Can Fit Your Budget

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Do I need a repair business?

When dealing with pallet racking problems and damage, it's easy to decide that you don't want to mess up fixing your existing equipment and just buy a new one. Unfortunately, however, this is not the most economical option.

If you want to save on possible structural damage, employee injuries and labor costs, contacting us for pallet rack repair is the fastest and safest solution for your business.

Our elite technical team has the knowledge and skills needed to handle any pallet racking problem, no matter how big or complex it may seem. We're here to get the project done quickly and deliver worry-free, reliable results you can trust.

If you're ready to get started on pallet racking repairs for your commercial or industrial business, our experienced staff is ready to help you!

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