Knowing more about the different kinds of pallet racking systems

05. 24, 2018

Pallet racking system is a simple and convenient storage system which makes use of naked girders for storing pallets of products, positioning them on a small shelf for simple access. There are several different kinds of pallet racking available in the market and you must know about each of them before you invest your money in them. This kind of a storage system is used worldwide in a number of retail and manufacturing settings. Available space, weight of the items and cost are some of the factors which are considered while choosing a suitable type of racking.

These kinds of industrial shelving systems are known to help in the effective storage of items on different levels. It is widely used in warehouses, distribution hubs and factories. In order to maximize the space available in the warehouse, people use this method worldwide.

These pallet racking systems are easily available in different styles and configurations. The most common one is a selective pallet rack that comes with cross beams and upright frames. They can either be used individually or in tandem with other racking systems. Here, the shelves are installed using extra beams covered with wire decking or plywood. Another great type of pallet racking system is pushback pallet that fills the aisles of the entire storage area so that some extra space can be created. Drive-in racks are popular variations of these kinds of racking systems. Both these types are really popular worldwide and people use them according to their preferences.

Knowing more about the different kinds of pallet racking systems

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