What are the Measures to Protect Warehouse Shelves?

12. 14, 2020

Warehouse Racking Systems are generally one-off products, and extending the service life of racks is something every warehouse manager should learn. The following is an introduction to the maintenance methods of several warehouse shelves:

1. Anti-collision protection. The uprights in passages and corners are the most easily damaged, and they are often deformed by forklifts. The anti-collision fence should be placed in the channel position, and the fence equipment should minimize the possibility of the rack being hit.

2. Prevent overweight. Different specifications of shelves carry different weights. The warehouse clerk should mark the load limit and always follow the bottom of the shelf and place the items lightly on top of the heavy items.

Warehouse Racking

Warehouse Racking

3. Anti-climate change. The uprights and beams are made of metal. After being exposed to moisture and sunlight, they will rust over time and shorten their service life. The shelf laminates are mostly wooden boards, and the windows are the most susceptible to rain. After rain, the boards will deform and warp.

4. A dedicated car. Heavy-duty Racks and high-level rack warehouses must be equipped with powered push-up trucks. The use and operation of the push-up trucks must be operated by qualified personnel. The deformation of the column was caused by the use of a push-up truck by a designated person. In addition, the shelf beams are best to be made in yellow to facilitate the identification of the operator of the pusher.

5. Specify the standard size of the pallet and delivery. Commonly used pallets are between 0.8 meters and 1.2 meters in length and width. The length of the heavy-duty rack beam is 2.5 meters, which is designed according to the width of two pallets. If the pallet is non-standard or the size of the loaded product exceeds 1.2 meters, it will hit the column when it is jammed or pulled.

6. Prescribe shelf use system. Different warehouses, goods, reasonably plan the goods and put them on suitable shelves. The warehouse manager must formulate the shelf use system, so that the Warehouse Shelf users must learn and strictly observe the shelf use system, which is the ultimate way to achieve the goal.

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