Seven Reference Questions For Purchasing Warehouse Shelves

10. 28, 2019

1. Before purchasing, make a preliminary positioning and budget for the use of your Warehouse Storage Racks, and determine the planned service life and quality level of your warehouse. The quality difference of warehouse shelves in the market is still very large, and the corresponding performance is also a big gap in price. So the key is to make sure that the shelf position you want to purchase is clear. If the requirements are not high, you can buy poor quality and cheap warehouse shelves in two or three years. If you use 5 to 10 years or more, you need to buy a quality and a price. For a penny, it depends on your own plan and budget.

2. The manufacturer of the warehouse shelves is selected. Companies that make warehouse shelves are available in almost every city, and purchases are convenient.

The selected suppliers are mainly considering the delivery installation services and whether they are geographically close together. If you are in contact with the warehouse shelves for the first time, it is best to look at the samples in the past. There are many types of shelves and different functional details. They are applicable to different warehouses and products. It is important to know which warehouse shelves you really need.

Warehouse Storage Racks

Warehouse Storage Racks

3. Initially plan the specific requirements of the warehouse shelves. This is mainly because you need to know what goods you want to place, and what is the weight? Is it a full case or a piece? According to the average outer box size of the shelf, determine the width of the shelf, the height of the shelf, the number of layers and the total height, and finally confirm the length. Then press the length, width and budget of the warehouse shelves to confirm that the most heavy cargo will be placed, and the total weight will be how heavy. This will know the layer load. With these basic references, you can choose the model of the shelf (mainly the layer load, because the price is related). There are 100-200KG light warehouse shelves, 200-500KG medium-sized warehouse shelves, and 500-4000KG Heavy Duty Storage Shelves (heavy-duty shelves are generally accessed with forklifts and pallets).

4. Select the operation mode of the warehouse shelves. At present, it is generally divided into manual work and forklift or other tools. Lightweight warehouse shelves and medium-sized warehouse shelves are generally used for manual operations; heavy-duty warehouse shelves (high-bay shelves, beam-type shelves, through-shelf shelves, narrow roadway shelves, electric mobile shelves, shuttle shelves, etc.) are selected for forklift operations; The access operation completed by the downtime and the transfer device.

5. The structure and folding method of the selected shelves. If you are shipping a shelf or a long-distance shipment, you need to consider the cube and volume after packaging. If it is installed directly, this piece has little effect. Most of the folding functions of the shelves are foldable, mainly considering whether the column pieces can be folded again. Some are fixed in groups and some can be folded again. The structure also needs to be considered according to the situation.

6, the quality of the shelf. Regarding quality, it is possible to pass an assessment of the physical. If it is purchased for the first time, it can be evaluated from the details. Mainly from the surface of the steel. If the steel is poor, the surface can generally be seen with sand holes or sand; the thick book of the coating can be seen through detailed observation and testing; the precision of the machine and the proficiency of the workers can be seen from the surface of the solder joint.

7, packaging problems. If it is exported, and long-distance transportation, this aspect requires special attention and inquiry, so as to avoid the quality of the warehouse shelves, but the grinding or damage during transportation is not good. In the case of special car transport and on-site installation, this requirement can be reduced, provided that the necessary protection is provided.

The above are seven reference questions about purchasing warehouse shelves. If you are interested in warehouse shelves, you can contact us. We are a professional Warehouse Racking Manufacturer, we can meet your needs, welcome you.

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