What Factors Should Be Considered By Rack Supported Warehouse Manufacturer When Designing Shelves?

03. 11, 2019

Along with the market demand, more and more shelf companies in the market are no longer simply providing shelves, and many companies can help companies customize the shelves that meet the needs of enterprises. Rack Supported Warehouse Manufacturer need to know a series of shelf size information when initially customizing warehouse shelves, so the shelf manufacturers need to know which factors to design when they are designing shelves.

1. The Warehouse Mezzanine company needs to understand the various conditions of the enterprise warehouse itself, such as the ground bearing capacity in the warehouse and the size in the warehouse. These data will affect the data of the shelf. If the load capacity of the warehouse is only 1 ton, then the load on the shelf cannot exceed this data, and the thief will damage the warehouse.

2. Considering the size and type of goods stored, the shelf company can make the appropriate shelves for different types of goods. The size of the goods determines the size of the entire shelf, so it is important to understand the size of the goods.

3. Warehousing equipment, it is impossible to have only shelves in the warehouse, there will be a matching storage equipment for transporting and accessing the goods. When the shelves are originally designed, in order to facilitate the operation of the employees in the warehouse, the shelves will be changed according to the equipment. Structure.

4. The storage mode of the goods and the layout of the shelves. According to different types of goods, there are generally two storage modes on the market, namely, first-in, first-out and advanced-out. Manufacturers need to design the shelves according to different storage modes, and at the same time, it is necessary to measure the internal conditions of the warehouse in order to plan.

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