Rules for Placing Goods on Storage Shelves

04. 13, 2020

There are many types of shelves. Among them, commercial shelves and Warehouse Rack (also called industrial shelves) are widely used. The rules for placing goods in different types of shelves are similar.

Regardless of the type of shelf, you must follow the principle of placing heavy objects on the bottom, light objects on the upper layer, and low weight and high light. Avoid top-heavy phenomena. Shelves are the same as general construction projects. If the bottom layer is lighter and the upper layer is heavier, it will cause unstable shelves and potential safety hazards. In the actual placement process, the low-level and high-level goods will be placed in the same weight without problems. Low-level placement of heavy objects High-level placement of light objects will not cause problems, but avoid the phenomenon of low-level placement of light objects and high-level placement of heavy objects. Warehouse Storage Racks Manufacturers found that in the past customer return visits, many customers had irregularities in their storage shelves, and the phenomenon of placing light objects on the lower floors and heavy objects on the upper floors. This violation of the customer is mostly for the convenience of access to machines such as forklifts, and it is not for the sake of temporary convenience to abandon safety and disregard. There is no problem for a while, it does not mean that there will be no problems in the future, safety is no small matter, all of us who are involved in safety There should be enough attention.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking

If the beams are deformed during the storage of the storage shelves, the goods on the beams should be taken out in time, and the beams of the same specification should be replaced in time. When the beam is deformed and bent, the beam should not be used in theory.

The rules for placing goods on storage shelves are low, heavy and light

The access density of the through-shelf is relatively large, but the access method is relatively simple. Generally, it is first-in-first-out, and some will adopt the first-in-first-out method. Therefore, in the process of placing the goods through the shelf inventory, it is necessary to fully consider the time of taking out the goods to avoid wasting time. Cantilever Racking is mostly a long, round tube-shaped item such as profiles, wood, etc. This needs to be clarified during the use of cantilever shelves, otherwise it will cause a waste of storage of cantilever shelves.

In fact, there are very few rules for the placement of storage shelves. In the actual operation process, we should avoid violations, which can not only ensure the safe use of shelves, but also extend the shelf life.

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