Speedlog Case - Speedshuttle dances with AGV forklit

09. 18, 2019

Speedshuttle dances with AGV forklift

Speedlog Case - Speedshuttle dances with AGV forklit

1. Project Background

With the coming of the industrial 4.0 era, people are no longer and far away to familiar with the intelligent warehouse. In constant exploration, people realized the importance of intelligence to the operation of warehouse. Automated 3D warehouse uses adopt advanced automated material handling equipment, so that goods can be automatically accessed in the warehouse as required, and seamlessly docked with production links outside the warehouse. Through computer management system and automated material handling equipment, warehouse has become an important part for enterprise's production logistics.

Speedlog Case - Speedshuttle dances with AGV forklit

2. Difficulties In Development for Customer

The cost of labor is increasing year by year. The transport job is no longer attractive to the younger generation. It is difficult for enterprises to recruit and retain people.

The operation error rate is high, the car body equipment + forklift worker + warehouse manager + coordinator, and the management of many personnel and links is easy to make mistakes.

How to reduce operating costs and improve work efficiency?

3. Solution Designed by Speedlog

Speedlog Case - Speedshuttle dances with AGV forklit

Automation System of AGV Forklift + Radio shuttle 

1. The automation system is composed of host system (ERP, WMS)+ network version shuttle car + AGV forklift+ Radio Shuttle Racks; the host system transmits instructions to shuttle car and AGV forklift respectively by means of communication to realize the inboard and outboard of goods.

2. The whole system is operated automatic fully. The main business process is that the goods go off the production line through the conveyor. At the end of the production line, the goods are stacked by the mechanical arm, and then the host system directly sends instructions to the AGV forklift. The AGV forklift sends the goods to the shuttle car, and then the host system sends instructions to shuttle car. The shuttle car carries the goods to the far end of the cargo location and completes the whole warehousing operation.

3. When the goods are out of the warehouse, the host system, according to the FIFO principle, directly assigns the task of leaving the warehouse to the AGV forklift and shuttle car. The shuttle car transports the goods to the end of the warehouse, and the AGV forklift transports the goods to the designated exit of the system.

4. Shuttle car has two modes: manual mode and automatic mode. In the case of system or network problems, the goods can be discharged by manual mode, which can handle such abnormalities in time without affecting production and improve the fault tolerance rate of the system.

5. The system realizes highly unmanned and paperless operation, greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of production and distribution, synchronizes data to the host system in real time, and realizes the integration of enterprise information.

6. Compact storage of shuttle racks will greatly improve space utilization and reduce land costs.

7. Automated logistics system controls and manages the inboard and outboard operations of inventory comprehensively, carries out real-time analysis and control of goods, and improves the level of logistics management.

Speedlog Case - Speedshuttle dances with AGV forklit

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