Status Of The Storage Shelf Industry

12. 24, 2019

With the continuous advancement of Storage Warehouse technology, different types of products such as shuttle shelves, electric shelves, and automated three-dimensional warehouses have gradually entered the storage and shelf industry. At present, the logistics industry, manufacturing industry, food industry and pharmaceutical industry have increasing demands for automated and integrated storage shelves. This requires that the storage shelf enterprises not only do a good job of the performance of non-automatic and non-intelligent shelves, but also constantly improve the intelligent and automated storage shelves according to market demand.

After the transition and development in recent years, the current storage rack industry has formed a certain scale. According to the analysis of Automatic Storage system suppliers, the current development status of the storage rack industry has the following problems:



1. Warehouse shelf market, sales and production are booming

In recent years, the industry that requires storage shelves has become more and more extensive, especially in the automotive, home appliance, book, pharmaceutical, retail, food, and refrigeration industries. The demand for storage shelves for individual projects has also grown.

2. New applications of storage shelves are gradually expanding

According to the analysis of sales experience, 80% of the newly built automated three-dimensional warehouse storage shelves are about 20 meters in height, and the combined storage shelves have become the leading structure of high-rise storage shelves, and the application of welded storage shelves has been declining. The application areas of freezer storage shelves and anti-static storage shelves for special items are also gradually expanding.

3. The internal strength of enterprises has generally increased

Nowadays, enterprises generally attach importance to the design and calculation, the inherent quality and installation quality of storage shelves, as well as marketing. It is found that some enterprises continue to expand reproduction, add advanced equipment, personnel quality, research and development, and innovation capabilities, and the size of enterprises has continued to grow, greatly increasing the production capacity of the entire storage and shelf industry. In order to enter the international market, some companies have already tried international standards and started to carry out international universal standard certification.

4. User needs tend to be rational

In the construction of logistics centers in the field of tobacco commercial circulation, a warehouse-building model consisting of automated sorting and palletizing, destacking, high-level storage shelves, and railway stackers was started. According to the analysis, this model has a high utilization rate of storage rack area, high degree of automation and informatization, good security, and is more suitable in economically developed central cities.

5. Low price competition and its hidden dangers

In recent years, low-price competition in the storage shelf market has intensified. The production of storage shelves must withstand the test of time and load. Too low a price can only disrupt the normal price system and eventually bring down the enterprise itself.

The above is the current status of the storage rack industry introduced by ASRS Rack suppliers. I hope to help you.

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