Steel Framework Cantilever Racking, What Are the Demands

02. 09, 2022

Cantilever racking is a vital part of commercial storage shelving. The majority of them are metal storage space shelves. Cantilever racking is suitable for saving long products, ring materials, plates, tubes and uneven items.

Cantilever racking can be single-sided or double-sided. Cantilever racking has the characteristics of stable framework, great load-bearing ability as well as high room application. Cantilever shelf columns are mostly made from H-beam or cold-rolled steel. The cantilever arm is made from square tube, cold-rolled steel or H-beam. The cantilever and also column are attached by bolts or screws. The base and also column are bolted with each other. The base is cold-rolled steel or H-beam.

Cantilever racking is constructed by installing cantilevers on columns, which can be repaired or mobile. Tubes and plates are utilized for storage.

According to the load-bearing ability, they can be split into light cantilever racking, tool cantilever racking as well as hefty cantilever racking; according to the framework, they can be split into single-sided cantilever racking and also double-sided cantilever racking. Cantilever racking is perfect for saving huge, loose or various other unique items. Follow MAXRAC to see more of our products.

Cantilever Racking of Steel Framework, What Are the Demands

Light Duty Cantilever Racking


1 、Square tube: cantilever rack according to the matching cantilever layer load-bearing demands, initially pick the square tube that satisfies the layering needs, cut it right into the needed dimension, bonded the non-slip guard at one end, and also bonded the U-shaped column connection at the other end.

2 、C-beam: cantilever brace according to the matching cantilever layer load-bearing requirements, initially pick C-beam specs, after selection, butt-weld the two C-beams, weld the anti-slip shield, and bonded the various other end to get in touch with the U-post.

The cantilever brace column is attached to the column with a linking pole, which is typically constructed from rectangular tube. In order to improve safety as well as stability, level iron support plates are utilized on the attaching components to take care of the columns firmly.

Cantilever Racking of Steel Framework, What Are the Demands

Steel Mezzanine Platform

Framework qualities

1 、 Cantilever racking is separated into single-arm and also double-arm, which can properly store lumber, pipes, strips and other similar products. Cantilever racking can be composed of solitary column systems and cantilevers, and numerous unit systems can be developed continuously by side and also diagonal bars. They can be used as garage storage space shelfs.

2. Cantilever racking is an efficient storage space system for quality, safety and security as well as monitoring. The column consists of a blog post as well as a base. The column is made from two specifically made C-sections welded with each other. This framework makes full use of the lots resistance of the product and is defined by high lots capability and inexpensive.

Cantilever Racking of Steel Framework, What Are the Demands

Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks


All cantilever frame parts are semi-finished after production as well as will be painted in the final procedure. The shot blowing up equipment will certainly be sandblasted, degreased and also descaled prior to paint. After conclusion, packaging and also transportation. The front cantilever has the features of secure structure, great bearing capability, simple management and wide view, which is suitable for storing strip, plate or ring product.

Cantilever racking embraces special account column and pull-back style to increase security. Cantilever racking has the attributes of light structure, strong load-bearing ability and also high space use. Cantilever racking is very easy to run as well as has a vast view. It is especially ideal for stockrooms with small area as well as reduced height.

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