Several Principles To Be Followed In The Design Of Steel Structure Mezzanine

07. 11, 2019

Steel Structure Mezzanine is often built to expand the area of use. For buildings with higher floor heights or some duplex buildings, the original house structure can be added with steel structure sandwiches, and the load-bearing performance is good. The two structures can be integrated to improve safety. The design of the steel structure mezzanine should be reasonable and efficient, so what should the designers follow in order to follow?

Steel Structure Mezzanine

Steel Structure Mezzanine

The first is the adjustment of the design. If the preliminary design of the steel structure mezzanine does not conform to the original structure, it is necessary to adjust according to the actual situation and finally determine the design drawing, put each design requirement in place, design the reasonable and meet the customer requirements. Program.

According to the requirements of the design drawings and construction drawings, the construction of steel structure mezzanine shall be carried out to determine the position and size of the embedded parts. According to the actual situation, the drilling holes shall be positioned on the embedded parts and the channel steel, and then the installation is carried out. Buried steel plate, the connection between the embedded steel plate and the high-strength bolt must be in place.

The main beam installation of the steel structure mezzanine is welded to the pre-embedded part according to the position of the pay-off line to ensure that the steel beam is level and flat, and then the welding of other parts is carried out. The quality of the weld is up to standard and the welding is not guaranteed.

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