General Requirements For Storage Shelves

08. 31, 2020

1  should not use Storage Shelving that have not been collected.

2 The operation process should not exceed the maximum working conditions specified by the manufacturers, and the following safe working load data provided by the Warehouse Storage Racks Manufacturers should be implemented:

a) The carrying capacity of the suspended floor.

b) The maximum safe uniform load of each compartment.

c) The maximum safe load per meter length of the shelf.

d) The position of the maximum safety arm and shelf load and center of gravity.

e) Maximum safety element load.

Storage Shelving

Storage Shelving

3 When using forklifts or other mechanical operating equipment, the operating requirements are as follows:

a) It should be ensured that the quality and type of storage tools are compatible with storage shelves.

b) Sufficient training and guidance should be given to forklift operators and other operators before taking their jobs.

c) Load information signs should be posted around storage shelves to guide forklift operators and other operators.

d) The weight of the unit cargo should not be greater than the rated load specified in the storage shelf design.

e) The overall size of the unit cargo should not be larger than the design size of the storage shelf layout and structure.

f) Forklifts operating on storage shelves should have sufficient rigidity under the condition of their entire extended height and lifting weight.

g) The right-angle stacking width of the forklift roadway should not be greater than the design radius of the rack layout.

h) Ensure that there are no obstacles in the forklift operating channel or area.

i) In the event of any accident or damage to the storage rack, the forklift operator or other operators should immediately report to their management.

4 Professional installers of non-storage shelves should not climb the shelves, especially Heavy Duty Shelving

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