Precautions For Using Storage Shelves

11. 30, 2020

In daily life, the use of Storage Racking Systems is not only used by logistics companies, but more importantly, used in supermarkets and other environments, which can effectively promote people's purchase or loading and unloading. Of course, as we all know, the quality of use is not easy to divide, that is to say, the storage racks used also have high quality and low quality. Therefore, especially for companies, it is necessary to learn more about the common sense of shelves.

Generally, the precautions for using Warehouse Pallet Racks mainly include the following aspects:

1. When purchasing Storage Shelves, please choose according to the venue. For example, the main models of stainless steel racks are ultra-small, small, light and heavy. Under normal circumstances, the super mini type can withstand 50KG, the mini type can withstand 150KG, and the light and heavy type can withstand more than 200KG.

Storage Shelves

Storage Shelves

2. Before purchasing, you should roughly measure the size and shape of the space to be placed in order to facilitate the selection of a specific storage rack.

3. If some small objects are not suitable for the larger gap of the grid, you can choose to put wood or plexiglass of different strength and material on the grid.

4. When choosing a shelf, according to the price of the stainless steel shelf, the flexibility and variability of the size and quantity of the shelf are also uncertain, or the price of the mesh, the price of the telephone pole, the board or the wooden board. Plexiglass board. Make specific choices in terms of price.

In addition to the above precautions, we also need to pay attention to the possibility of not placing the rack in an acidic or alkaline environment, so as to avoid chemical reactions with the rack due to overacid or overalkaline substances, thereby causing quality problems. It changes.

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