Safety Knowledge Of Storage Shelving System

04. 18, 2019

1. The most basic point is that Storage Shelving System must pay attention to standard operation when storing goods. When employees store goods, the weight of products stored cannot exceed the load-bearing capacity of the shelves. If the load on the shelf is overloaded, it will greatly affect the stability of the shelf, and may also cause the bending of the shelf beam, which will have a huge impact.

2. Be careful when using a transport device such as a forklift to avoid collision with the Warehouse Racking System as much as possible. Once the forklift collides with the shelf, it will cause a certain degree of damage to the shelf, and the damage is difficult to repair, so employees must be careful when using the forklift.

3. Employees must be safety-conscious. If the heavy-duty shelves are operating above, employees must avoid entering the bottom of the shelves. If the shelves are really problematic, they will not cause too much damage to the employees.

Storage Shelving System

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