How To Improve The Overall Stability Of Storage Shelving System?

05. 24, 2019

Under normal circumstances, Storage Shelving System is not designed to be too high, mainly because the higher the height of the shelves, the lower the stability. In order to improve the stability and safety of heavy-duty shelves, the shelf height is usually within a range.

However, for some special enterprises, if the height is too low, a lot of free space in the warehouse will be wasted. Therefore, under the customer's request, the heavy-duty shelves can also be raised in height. The higher the height of the shelf, the better the space above the warehouse. Then, in the face of high-heavy heavy-duty shelves, what methods can shelf manufacturers use to improve the overall stability of the Industrial Pallet Racking Systems?

Some of the more common methods are to use high-strength bolts to link beams, columns, etc., which have higher strength and ensure shelf stability. It is also possible to install chemical bolts on the bottom of the shelf to better secure the shelf to the ground. Some beams can also be used to link between the shelves and the shelves, and the shelves in the entire warehouse can be turned into a large whole, thereby enhancing the shelves. stability.

In addition to these methods, the use of higher strength materials in the manufacture of the center shelf can also improve shelf stability. When used, heavy goods are placed under the shelves, and lighter goods are placed on the shelves. These small details can also stabilize the shelves.

Storage Shelving System

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