Some questions about storage shelving systems

05. 07, 2018

Our storage shelving system is a bit more complex than our standard wire shelving units and accessories. So we’ve dedicated this news to answer the most frequently asked questions as well as give you some pointers on this unique storage system. As always we are here to help so if you have other questions just let us know.

Question: Can I pick different size commercial storage shelving units?

A: All commercial storage shelving units must be the same height and width. However, you can mix and match shelf depths. Just remember the height of the units and the shelf widths must be the same. (Typically most clients purchase the same size units but if you would like you can customize).

Question: Can I use a different height storage shelving system?

A: Yes you can use a different height but you will need to call us so we can work out pricing and configuration. We can even customize the height for you.

More questions about heavy duty storage shelving units or light duty shelving, please feel free to contact us!

Some questions about storage shelving systems

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