What is the Warehouse Shelf?

03. 26, 2020

Warehouse Storage Racks is mainly different from the supermarket shelf, supermarket the shelf in addition to the storage function, another important function is the display function. Its height is usually based on the person's height, so most supermarket shelves are more focused on the structure design below 3 meters. Relative to the supermarket shelves, storage shelves, widely used in industrial warehouse more focus on up development, make full use of storage space, maximum height can reach more than 40 meters, the design of the large logistics center can be a library shelf one-piece structure, namely first build shelves, shelves for the structure of the support structure, building after building structure, such as walls, roofs, etc. The focus is on storage, making the most of the space and another important feature - a form of storage shelving that quickly handles the flow of goods.

According to the structure of the warehouse, the shelf is generally divided into seven categories: 1. The storage and storage of the cross-beam shelf is fast and convenient, ensuring that all items are first in first out, no restrictions on the type of forklift, faster-picking speed, the space utilization rate of 30%-50% (depending on the type of forklift).2: corridor shelf high-density storage, advanced after out, part of the order to pick up goods, 20%-30% optional, pick up the speed of the general, storage clearance up to 60% of the entire warehouse.3. The ideal choice for storage of goods with high density and high the efficiency of gravity shelving, free access design, high inventory flow rate, picking up goods by order, quickly picking up goods, good ground utilization, 60% net space station warehouse. Attic shelf is to use shelves as floor support can be designed into multiple floors (usually 2-3 floors), set up stairs and goods elevator, etc., suitable for higher warehouse, light goods, manual access. Use a hoist and hydraulic lifting platform when stock is large.5. Cantilever rack is suitable for storing long and irregular items, such as all kinds of pipes, hoses and steel plates. Each group of shelves can be moved independently on the track by electric (mechanical) drive, with a channel to solve the operation of 6, 8, 10 or more groups of shelves. Push the button to drive the shelf and open the required channel. Pallet rack pallet rack is designed in the form of pallet unit goods and storage of goods shelves generally use forklifts and other handling equipment.

The function and function of the warehouse shelf. Shelf plays an important role in modern logistics activities. The modernization of warehouse management is directly related to the types and functions of the shelf.

The function and function of the warehouse shelf have these aspects, the warehouse shelf is a kind of frame structure, can make full use of the warehouse space, improve the utilization rate of the storage capacity, expand the storage capacity of the warehouse. The goods stored on the shelf are not extruded, and the loss of materials is small, which can completely guarantee the function of materials and reduce the loss of goods. The goods on the shelf in the warehouse can be stored and stored conveniently, and can be counted and measured easily. Many new shelves are equipped with Storage Shelving System, which is conducive to realize the mechanization, automation and intelligent management of the warehouse, such as the Radio Shuttle System, which can control the shelves intelligently.

  The use of warehouse shelves meets the needs of modern enterprises to manage the logistics supply chain with low cost, low loss, and high efficiency. If you are interested or want to buy, please contact us.

Radio Shuttle System

Radio Shuttle System

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