Precautions When Using Storage Shelves

09. 19, 2019

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Medium Duty Shelving

Medium Duty Shelving

Storage shelves and warehouse shelves are actually the same thing. It  is roughly divided into Medium Duty Shelving, angle steel shelves, etc. The  specific specifications are determined according to the size and height of the  warehouse, and the items to be placed. In daily life, the use of storage shelves  is not only used by logistics companies, but more importantly, supermarkets and  other environments, which can effectively facilitate people to buy and load. Of  course, as everyone knows, everything is good or bad. That is to say, there are  also high quality and inferior quality when using the storage shelves.  Therefore, it is necessary for the enterprise to know more about the common  sense of shelf use. Let's take a closer look.

In general, the precautions for using storage shelves mainly include  the following aspects:

1. When purchasing the storage shelves, you should choose according  to the site. For example, the main models of stainless steel racks are  ultra-mini, mini, light and heavy. Under normal circumstances, the ultra-mini  can bear 50KG. The mini type can bear 150KG, and the light and heavy load can  bear more than 200KG.

2. Before buying, you should roughly measure the size and shape of  the space you need to place to facilitate the selection of specific storage  shelves.

3. If some small items are not suitable for the large gap of the  mesh, you can choose to put the wood or plexiglass of different strength and  material on the mesh.

4. When choosing a storage shelf, the price of the stainless steel  shelf is also uncertain due to the flexibility and variability of its shelf size  and number of layers, or the price of the mesh, the price of the pole, wood or  plexiglass. The price of the board and so on to make a specific  choice.

In addition to the above considerations for the use of storage  shelves, we also need to pay special attention to the possibility of not placing  the racks in an acid or alkaline environment, so as to avoid chemical chemistry  with the shelves due to peracid or over-alkali substances. The reaction changes  its quality.

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