2018 Expo Opens Grandly

12. 28, 2018

The 8th Shanghai Creative Industry Expo in 2018 fully adheres to the theme of the previous seven sessions and focuses on the theme of “Creativity, Unbounded and Smart of Warehouse Mezzanine”. It is designed to use creativity to discover life, explore life, enjoy life and change life. A Shanghai-based creative event that fully reflects the Shanghai service, Shanghai manufacturing, Shanghai shopping and Shanghai culture, and has a strong Shanghai flavor.

In the context of Shanghai's overall acceleration of its entry into the globally influential science and technology innovation center, it is helping China move from a “manufacturing power of Metal Racking Systems” to a “smart big country”. This year's Expo will be held at the Shanghai Agricultural Exhibition Center from December 21st to 23rd.

Through the exhibition of creative products and exciting series of activities, the Expo will fully reflect the theme of “creative products, interpretation of a better life” through the on-site experience and communication of target audiences and guests, and promote the innovative development of the modern service industry in this city. .

For the exhibition, Spino can present the best products to the audience and customers, and provide the best quality experience. We not only spent a lot of effort on the layout, but also brought our shuttle to the scene to make the audience more intuitive. Experience the success of Spyno's innovation.

More information please visit: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/0HnViSpPsmMLU5SfeAtyDw

Warehouse Mezzanine

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