Maximize your warehouse space

07. 11, 2018

Are you running out of storage space? Are your workers spending too much time trying to find stock? Your bulky item doesn’t fit anywhere? Sounds like you need to maximize your warehouse space.

Improve order accuracy, increase staff efficiencies, minimize stock wastage and provide a safe working environment.

The most effective storage solution needs to consider workflows, the frequency of stock use, site considerations, your budget and your future plans.

Here are some ways you can maximize your space

Professional solution

Maxrac is one of the world leading warehouse mezzanine factory of pallet racking and shelving to supply site evaluation & planning, detailed layout and logistic solution based on customer requirement. We are not selling warehouse mezzanine storage but also for convey our professional solution to customer and maximize their space to get win-win business.  

Reduce aisle widths

Right width: Massive space utilization can be achieved by designing aisles to be the minimum width to match the material handling equipment and be able to operate efficiently.

Use cantilever racking

Versatile cantilever racking is good for long or heavy loads such as pipes or panels and items of various length.

Adjust your beam levels

The key to racking success is ensuring you’re storing full products. Changing your beam levels can allow several extra levels in each bay if you’ve effectively identified what gets used and when and adjusted your storage layout to suit.

Add a level

Installing a raised storage platform, over the top of your current operations is a more cost-effective option than extending the current floor area and a whole lot less disruptive. Pallet Racking Solutions would consider weight rating, height clearance above and beneath the floor and ensure restraints and barriers are used to keep staff safe.

Use wire mesh shelving

Wire mesh shelving and dividers complement selective pallet racking, long span shelving and other racking solutions. It gives strong support for boxes or other non-palletised loads, or loads not deep enough to sit on beams. Even if you want to store a pallet full of product, storing the goods off the pallet and directly on the wire mesh shelf frees up that extra space the pallet took up.

Try double-deep racking

Pallets are stored 2-deep and accessed using special trucks. Designed for excellent storage capacity, this system uses floor space efficiently by reducing the number of access aisles needed, and means forklifts have less distance to travel.

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