Celebrate The Sale Of Warehouse Mezzanine Systems To Denmark

08. 18, 2018

Warmly celebrate the sale of warehouse mezzanine systems to Denmark. Danish DSV International Freight Company---Free Trade Zone Warehouse Shuttle Shelf Project

First, determine the cleaned area. warehouse mezzanine usually need to be cleaned for their ash removal and embroidering, and many of the shelves are very messy, and not every part needs to be cleaned, because some local areas can not be damp, so we need to first determine the relevant Parts so that the next step is very good.

Secondly, it is necessary to use liquids and other materials to be sterilized and to minimize the impact on the shelf which from warehouse mezzanine Factory. For example, it is possible to use some salt water and vinegar to add some of these substances in the water, and all the cleaning effects are It is advantageous to generally clean the parts to be cleaned by water first, and then use the water added with the substances for secondary cleaning.

In the end, because there are many types of shelves in Shenzhen, different types of goods usually have different nursing methods. Therefore, when we clean them, the demand is based on the skill requirements of different shelves to contact the detailed actual situation.

Warehouse Mezzanine Systems

Warehouse Mezzanine Systems

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